Due to the recent Hurricane named Sandy, for what reason I am still pondering, there has been a electricity blackout for the entire city of New York City and surrounding cities and/or boroughs. The blackout is currently effecting everyone.

Many of the companies such as Con Edison have decided on their own to shut down their own plants to make sure that there is no further damn from Hurricane Sandy than what she has already done. The city of New York is reporting that close to 3.6 million people will be without power for a while, and sources estimate that there will be about 10 million without power. 

The estimated damage will total to about $6 billion dollars in total for the New York City area, and about $20 billion dollars in total for the all the areas affected. Company technologies were heavily affected due to the fact that they can not operate under such harsh weather. Airports have shut down all flights leaving and coming in the area. The New York stocks systems was even shut down and not due to be started up in any day soon, this is the first time the stock markets have been shut down back to back since 1888.