Facebook page serves as top source for Hurricane news

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, a Facebook page is once again serving as a one-stop source for all Hurricane Sandy information.

“Jersey Shore Hurricane News”, created by NJ resident Justin Auciello, aggregates updates, organizes volunteer meetups, and provides shelter updates. The page, created during last year’s Hurricane Irene, hasn’t had much activity over the past few months. This changed dramatically when Hurricane Sandy struck. Since Sandy made landfall, the page has gained over 100,000 likes.

The information is posted to the page by Auciello himself. He has hundreds of trusted contributors that he has kept in contact with since Irene.

Breaking news incidents, like fires or rescue operations, are also posted to the page. During Sandy, the page was receiving hundreds of new posts every 15 minutes.

The page is monitored by the New Jersey Office of Emergency and Fire departments. Stranded residents sought help via the page.