Ipad mini is here!

ImageThe iPad mini has officially hit selves! Some would call it a iPhone 5 juiced up simply because of the fact that the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini scans out relatively around the same time. But a thing the iPhone has over the iPad mini is that the mini is only running on a 5 MP camera.

Just like the iPhone, the iPad mini is going to a have a very short supply available ithin its first quarter of shipments. The iPad mini is going to be able to be used on the networks of sprint, Verizon, & AT&T. The iPad mini will also be available for usage on the new 4G LTE networks of the 3 major call phone companies, which is supposed to be the fastest network connections available.

The only downfall thus far may be the fact that the data is still limited by companiessuch as art & Verizon, only sprint currently offers unlimited data for the moment. The iPad mini also does not support Retina display as the current iPad 2 and iPad 3. Which I think will be a major downfall for the Apple supporters and people whom of which devote their lives to Apple.