100,000 Stars

Google’s “100,000 Stars” Chrome experiment lets you use either your mouse or trackpad to fly around a 3D graphic of the Milky Way and take a close look at many of Earth’s nearby stars.  You can also click the “take a tour” button on the upper left corner to be swept away to the most interesting stars in our galaxy, or click on a star to get more info.  In addition to being a fascinating toy and time-waster, “100,000 Stars” is a demonstration of current web technology. It has 3D graphics and plays music by Mass Effect composer Sam Hulick.

In the Google Chrome blog, Aaron Koblin wrote, “As you explore this experiment, we hope you share our wonder for how large the galaxy really is. It’s incredible to think that this mist of 100,000 measurable stars is a tiny fraction of the sextillions of stars in the broader universe.”


The web address for the experiment is:


The site works in Firefox as well as Google Chrome.