The World Is Waiting.

It’s safe to say that the world doesn’t expect much from a certain age group, that group being individuals that are in the 18-35 bracket. Why? That is because we are a generation, on a majority scale, that has had so much handed to us for free, and we have no clue what it means to be a part of the birth of something, to start an awakening, a resurgence, a resetting of culture as we know it…to actually bleed for something. We are a culture that has been defined by our lack of properly aligning our sadly-misleading entertainment industry’s role in our world, and allowing its horrifying advocacy for promiscuity, selfishness, and leaving moral compass up to personal opinion to take root. In which, spawn bi-products such as: homes hardly containing the nuclear family, rampant divorce, individuals not knowing their true worth and how they should think of, and treat, themselves…and others for that matter. Also, let’s go ahead and cap-off this list by pointing out that sexually transmitted diseases, and the deaths they can cause, now hold a staggering presence and rate on this earth. We, as a people, reflect what we allow to come into our hearts, minds, and homes. We are a people who strongly respond to images, whether those images are healthy or deadly.

Take a look around you at our world as it is today. If I were to travel across the nation and poll peoples’ general consensus of our nation’s, and world’s, state of health and vitality…many of you regardless of age, ethnic background, social class, conservative or liberal would tell me that this world is dark, tragically morally confused, self-seeking, containing countries who, globe-wide, are in financial dire straits, and perhaps worst of all…apathetic.

This world desperately needs the young men and women of this day and age to step-up and take their place as the harbingers of the new golden age that can and will come, if we respond to the call. However, before this glorious reversal and transformation can take place, we, the catalyst, need to awaken and respond.

Ty Johnson