A Symphony of Tweets

The Metropole Orchestra, like many other professional orchestras, is currently under threat due to budget cuts.  To raise awareness of their situation they invited Twitter users to play on a digital piano and compose a musical tweet, the best of which were played back by the Metropole Orchestra in a live ‘Tweetphony’ on October 26th.  Participants visited the website to use a digital piano interface to compose their music and listen to music composed by others. They could then tweet it, turning the musical notes into the letters associated with them (ABCDEFG).  People clicking on the link in the tweet will be taken to the site, where they can listen to the tune on a music player.

For example, a tweet by @thomasacda looked like:


and sounded like:

You can listen to the tweets here, http://www.tweetphony.nl/luisteren.php.