#BaldForBieber Posts are Fake, Unfortunately

Fake tweets circulated around the internet on October 22, 2012, stating that Justin Bieber was diagnosed with cancer, and that everyone should shave their heads for them, hence the #BaldForBieber hashtags. The tweets were photoshopped to make the announcements look like they came from Entertainment Tonight’s Twitter, along with Justin Bieber replying to the post thanking the news station for their support. Soon afterwards, a website launched with even more photoshopped evidence of the pop star’s recent diagnosis.

Of course, neither the tweets from both Entertainment Tonight and Justin Bieber were actually posted. Kenny Hamilton, Bieber’s bodyguard, confirmed that the rumors were fake. Turns out that the photoshopped tweets were created by pranksters on 4Chan, which then went viral. Those responding to the recent developments are calling it both the best and worst prank of all time.

Original Article: http://mashable.com/2012/10/26/bald-for-bieber/