Its Election Day and the polls are still open for the most part. I think the use of social media in this election is through the roof. My children have been following the election just as close or closer than I have with not only news media websites like The Huffington Post, but also through many other social media sites such as Twitter, You Tube and Facebook. Each candidate is using social media to press their opinions and fight for votes.  It worked for President Obama in the 2008 election and continues to play a large factor in this years campaign. I do wonder if social media helps or hurts the candidates. There are many ways to have an account on any of the social media networks. With free speech we are able to say almost anything we want so this can have a profound affect on the public if they misread something or they hear it from someone who either is not telling the truth, or is not a creditable person.

As the years pass on I have no doubt that the use of social media as well as other platforms will grow to assist the candidates for any election, presidential or other. I do hope that as the public views everything they read they take into consideration the source and evaluate the information with a critical eye just like any other social media news the read today.