Giants Just as Influential as the President???

The San Francisco Giants reportedly have a Klout Score of 99, which matches President Obama. According to Bryan Srabian, the digital marketing director for the Giants, confirmed this on October 26th via Twitter.

For a comparison, the Detroit Tigers, who are the Giant’s opponents in the World Series, have a Klout score of 93. Justin Bieber has a Klout score of 91.

According to this article, the popularity score has reached the high numbers due to a surge in Bing searches. Also the article quotes: “The team has been heavily promoting the #SFGiants and #OrangeOctober hashtags as primary rallying cries throughout the playoffs, but also gotten creative with other clever conversation points. As comeback victories became a trend, for example, the team began adopting the hashtag prefix #Rally — first with #RallyZito for starting pitcher Barry Zito, then for other players as well before getting even more creative.”

My personal opinion is that after the World Series is over the Klout score will most definitely decrease for the Giants. RIght now they are in a 2-0 lead, which makes them a hot topic. It will be the same for the SuperBowl and NBA finals! Regardless though, that is pretty impressive.