Iron Man 3 Trailer example of Youtube’s Power

The new trailer for Iron Man 3 was released via Youtube on October 23. As of October 27th, the trailer has 1.6 million views. This only reminds people of how powerful Youtube has become in advertising. It seems ages ago that people would have to wait for a commercial spot on television to see “that cool part” in a trailer.

A synopsis of the film is as follows:  Iron Man/Tony Stark must battle the forces of The Mandarin after they use the extremis virus to create an army of very Iron-Man-Like soldiers!

This trailer seems to show that this movie will be even more action packed than the previous Iron Man films. Following the success of the Avengers, this film has much to live up to. Hopefully it will deliver as promised!  Check out the trailer in the link above and see for yourself! I mean, countless Iron Men running around with explosions seems pretty cool to me!