Photography with Rigamortis.

Photography has most recently gotten really popular in the past couple of years. Every smart phone now has an image quality as most point and shoot cameras. DSLR’s have made it easy to get great image quality with out having to use film. There has been a huge rise in digital photography but there has been a fall of film camera use. Only the small real photography niche use film. The use of digital cameras has taken the emotion out of photography. The user takes a picture looks and deletes and retakes as opposed to film where setting up a picture takes longer and developing an image in the darkroom has more emotion.

We have gone through the different social media behaviors. First Facebook and Twitter started a trend of, this just happened let me post or tweet about this. Now Instagram has the trend of im eating spagetti let me take a picture. It has totally changed how we communicate over social media. I personally no longer use neither facebook or twitter and only use Instagram. It has flooded society with people that think every picture posted with a filter is a great photograph. Although photography might not be dead so to say but maybe the idea of what a great image consist of may be not be so clearly seen.

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