Happy one month anniversary Windows 8

Exactly one month ago Microsoft released what they believed would change the technology world, Windows 8. This new operating system was a collapse of single operating all into one, something similiar to its competitor Apple.
Microsoft and Apple have long been in a run to be ahead of one another, and currently Apple is in the lead. Many have criticized the news Windows 8 system because it is too similiar to Apple’s line of iPad’s and iPhone’s.
The operating system was praised though for its vibrant colors that were presented on the screens along with a new security feature that allows you to draw on a picture. I personally have never seen anything remotely close to this besides facial recognition, so this is something to snatch buyers in for the Christmas holiday.
One spark of controversy surrounding Microsoft lately has been the recent firing on Sinofsky the man who created Microsoft Windows 8. Many have speculated it was because of low sales, though all the sales have yet to be released, and many just are keeping hush on the situation. Both Sinofsky and Microsoft have remained strong in not speaking at all about the parting of the duo. Only the world will see what is left for Windows 8.