Vimeo’s New iPhone App.

Vimeo has made a new app for iPhone’s only, at the moment. The made the app so that is easier to upload videos on the go. You can start, pause, or stop uploads straight from the app and upload to social media sites when it is ready. They are rumored to be working on an iPad and Android app. It still contains the same functionality as the previous app being able to like, comment and a watch later queue.

It seems like Vimeo is trying to be more like Youtube and I do not like it. I thought Vimeo was supposed to be more for videographers rather than filled with low-res iPhone videos as seen on Youtube. Thank god they havent added ads yet and i like the idea of this “Tip Jar” feature they recently added. I think an iPad app would be more useful than the iPhone app for videography. With the better processors in the iPad, you can edit footage straight from your DSLR. If Vimeo made an app to upload straight from the iPad I could definitely see great use coming from it.