You can breath again…

There’s a new device out created by college students that let’s you monitor the heart rate and blood oxygen levels of your baby. The new device helps parents with what they all fear, that their baby may stop breathing in me the middle of the night. Which has been the cause of death in most children, a condition known as SIDS, sudden infant death syndrome.
The parents would be notified via their downloaded app if any difference are detected in whoever wears the socks. There’s currently a sock on the market similar to this by a company called BlackSocks. The socks sale at $189 and include a 10 pair pack of socks along with a scanner.
The Owlet device created by students is not ready to be presented to the public yet, due to them not knowing how much they will be charging for the device. But the creator would just like to know they’ve helped some parent and they believe that will make it all worth it.

This “smart sock” will be able to notify parents wherever they may be about the condition of their child through an app that’s able to be downloaded only to Apple devices, as they are working to create a android capable app.