iOS app aims to make each day of your life memorable

An iPhone app proposed on Kickstarter aims to make each day of your life memorable.

The app in question, “1 Second Everyday”, will be (if funded by Kickstarter) an app that allows users to compile videos from their phone’s camera roll, other video apps, or capture new clips then edit them down to one second. Each clip will then get timestamped and assigned to a day on a calendar. You will be able to search for a clip from a specific date, or watch all of your videos in chronological order.

The man behind the app, Cesar Kuriyama, came up with the idea after deciding to record one second of his own life each day when he turned 30. He gave a TED Talk regarding the whole experience, noting that the project helped him get through tough days, appreciate the good days and prevented all of the days from running together.

The project has raised $15,000 of its $20,000 goal. Kuriyama notes on the page that the app is almost completed and that the funding is needed for the final push. He intends to develop the app for the Android platform after the iOS app is complete.