Is Asprin The Key

I’m 30 years old and had a TIA 2 years ago and my Hematologist put me on Aspirin even thought all my blood test were clear. I have been taking one a day since. I didn’t even know the side effects. I hope these other ideas will work to prevent future issues. I see that several paragraphs down you say, “Depending on the reason you take aspirin, you can find safe alternatives.” However I have see about 16 different “healthcare practitioners” over the past few years and none of them have the same answer so its very difficult to find out where I go from here and whom to trust. Everyone I see has the need to point to another area to give a cause for my stroke Nero blames Hematology, Hematology. Blame’s Obgyn’s, Obgyn’s blame Cardio… so on and so forth. You also list several different things to take. Do I try several at once or one at a time and is the only way to know it working is to not have another TIA or worse a pull blown stroke. I understand I maybe rambling a bit but this article hit very close to home. Thank you for the great information. I completely agree with alternative medicine, however its rare to get more than one doctor to agree on a remedy.