More FB Friends = More Stress

“Facebook used to be like a great party for all your friends where you can dance, drink and flirt,” report author Ben Marder of the Business School was quoted as saying. “But now with your Mom, Dad, and boss there, the party becomes an anxious event full of potential social land mines.”

Think about your own personal profile for a minute, think of how many individuals you have a friends, also consider how long you have had a Facebook account. For most, over the many years of using the site you add and are added by many people some from the past some from the present and some from the future. These friends fade and in some senses portray a false representation of someone elses’ life.

This information was found by a group of students at the University of Edinburgh Business School located in Scotland. It polled many users and took test to conclude that the more friends a individual has on their Facebook account then they are susceptible to higher levels of stress. Why?

“The more social circles a person is linked to online the more likely social media will be a source of stress.”

Researchers surveyed 300 people, mostly students around 21 years old. They found that Facebook users have an average of seven different social circles. Each of these circles can contain many different types of people all connected in some way.

This test goes to show how little we know about social media sites and how they are affecting us health wise.