New Jersey Residents – Voting By Email

After the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, New Jersey’s state office let New Jersey residents vote for the presidential election of 2012 via email, letting the people affected by the storm to be considered “oversees voters” just so that they can vote by email.

The residents had to go through a process of sending their ballot application to their county clerk. Then, once approved by the clerk they will email back the voters online ballot. And the voters must have sent back the ballot filled out no later then 8 pm eastern on the election day. The military and US citizens living overseas already have this ability, but never before has this form of voting been used so widespread. Usually with the email voting for “oversees voters”, they require a hard copy of their ballot to be available, but in this case, New Jersey residents are not required to do this. So there are many concerns with how fair and how safe their online voting was.