It is no mystery that everyone and his brother now has a Twitter account.  Within our generation ‘tweeting’ has become a common term and the hashtag has become an icon, appearing not only online but in everyday conversation as well.  The natural growth of this has not been altogether surprising, however when elderly people and certain clergy members joined the ranks, I will admit that my eyebrows were raised.

It was announced Monday that Pope Benedict had signed up with Twitter and already has a half a million followers, despite the fact that he has not tweeted yet.  The Pope signed up for some eight accounts, each in a different language.  In addition, the Vatican announced that beginning December 12 the Pope would begin tweeting on religious subjects, and that while the first tweet would be posted by the leader himself the majority of the tweets following will be posted by aides.

Source: http://news.yahoo.com/pope-gets-370-000-twitter-followers-24-hours-142230094.html