Syria Back Online


After two days of no Internet connectivity to the outside world, Syrians were once again able to get online beginning Saturday afternoon.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime, which is engaged in a bloody civil war against several rebel groups, are blaming terrorists. This theory was later debunked by Friday by American network-reliability providers Renesys and CloudFlare. Sites such as these two offers free and commercial, cloud-based services to help secure and accelerate websites. The two day internet-outage appeared to be the result of reconfiguration and removal of Border Gateway Protocol routers.

These blackouts made it difficult for journalists to get their stories out while beyond the Syrian borders.After Syria’s Internet access was cut off Thursday, some observers speculated that the outage might be an attempt to cover up an especially egregious human rights violation, but no such recent atrocity is known to have transpired.

Governments in this part of the world (Egypt, LIbia, etc) have a history of cutting internet access during popular uprisings, and those looking to overthrow regimes.

-Shawn Napier