The Aakash2: the $40 Tablet

It’s $290 cheaper than the iPad mini and $160 cheaper than the Kindle Fire HD.

Introducing the Aakash2.

With the goal to greatly help India’s education system, the Aakash2 tablet was specifically released for the intentions of linking 25,000 colleges and 400 universities in a single e-learning program.  Of course, it is not as complex and advanced as the Apple’s new Ipad Mini or Amazon’s Kindle Fire, for its purpose and price, it’s so close.

The size and look is very similar to the Kindle Fire with a 7-inch screen and runs on Android. Thousands of apps on Google Play are available for the tablet users.

For it’s capabilities, the price of the Aakash2 is unbelievable.  In a world that is increasingly becoming more about tablets, it is a breathe of fresh air to hear of tablets being this cheap for what it does.

Here’s to hoping it gets the job done with the education system.

(via mashable)