The Pope Gets A Twitter

The religious figure, Pope Benedict XVI, has officially jumped on the Twitter bandwagon.  Only being a user for less than a few days, the Pope already has over 100,000 followers and having achieved this even without having tweeted yet.

Twitter is not something new to the Pope as he has tweeted something himself on the Vatican’s official Twitter page before.  However, the new Twitter account (@pontifex), will be the Pope’s official one.  The new account was announced last month by the Vatican’s social media team and noted that tweets will come in “infrequently”.  So don’t expect the Pope to be tweeting anything about what breakfast he’s currently eating (Well, maybe he will, but don’t get your hopes up.)

The Pope joins other religious figures that are already on Twitter like the Dalai Lama (@DalaiLama).  Religious figures and enthusiasts are actually among the most popular Twitter users.  For example, Joyce Meyer, Joel Esteen, and Max Lucado have a combined follower number of over 2 million users; and that’s only from the Christian spectrum.

Follow the Pope here:

(via mashable)