Virgin For Sale

The girl and the man buying men need psychological evaluations. Sex for money is prostitution weather or not its one time or several times a day. Prostitution is immoral, indecent and illegal. Yes the girl selling her virginity will “avoid” the law by doing it in the air but that should not make it legal. That’s like saying killing or raping someone is ok as long as it’s done in the air between specific places. If this were ok then why would the buyer want to remain anonymous? If she does find a way to get around the legal matter does the government where she is from get to collect taxes on her income, and if she donates it to charity is it a write off? There are so many things very wrong with this entire situation. This women is someone’s daughter I couldn’t understand wanting to bring that kind of shame upon your family. I recently heard on NPR that Nashville has a major prostitution problem and there is actuality a rehab for the girls. I don’t think that if she sells her body one that its guaranteed to make her become addicted but if there is a rehab for it then I don’t believe its right morally.