Woman placed on unpaid leave from her job after Facebook photo of “prank”

A woman in Massachusetts has been placed on unpaid leave after a prank photo on Facebook stirred up controversy.


The photo, taken at the Tomb of the Unknowns in Washington D.C., shows Lindsey Stone, an employee at LIFE (Living Independently Forever), standing next to a sign that says “Silence and Respect”. In the picture, she’s mimicking a yell and giving the middle finger.

After she posted the picture on her Facebook feed, word quickly spread. A Facebook page was created shortly after the picture spread. The page, titled “Fire Lindsay Stone”, currently has over 27,000 likes.

Lindsay Stone issued a public apology that ran in the Boston Herald, stating the photo was “intended only for our own amusement”, and that it was intended to be a visual pun “to depict the exact opposite of what the sign said, and had absolutely nothing to do with the location it was taken or the people represented there.”

If fired, she won’t be the first, or the last. The National Labor Relations Board has declared that postings on social media are not protected under federal labor law.