Yor Girlfriends Are Not Safe

This is the best video ever. I am so very excited to say that I am a huge supporter of any one getting married for the right reasons. People today are far to judgmental and critical of others. If some people spent half the energy the spend on fighting or protesting gay marriage on their own issues weather they be finances, psychological or the marriage that they are in its most likely that the world would be a better place. No one wants to deal with hard-hitting issues like poverty sex trafficking they would rather say hey lets pick a group to bully. Since being racist a racist asshole is no longer socially acceptable the ignorant people chose another group to hurt. We as adults are suppose to influence the youth in a positive way and I don’t think spreading hate is what I want for my children. I am so proud to see progress on these issues. If Elizabeth Taylor is aloud to remarry at least 8 different times then I don’t think there should be an issue. Try to pick a new issue to protest or fight against. Maybe look in to teen pregnancy. If the gays are going to marry the girlfriend however, yay I love my gay BFF!