Zuckerberg Makes $3.5 billion In One Month

“You know what’s cool? A billion dollars.”

Apparently, for Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg, even a billion dollars doesn’t sound that cool anymore as the CEO reported to have made $3.5 billion in just November alone.  Facebook’s stocks in November were the highest they’ve ever been since May, totaling up to $21.08 a share.  For  Zuckerberg, he owns over 500 million shares, which resulted in a $3.5 billion gain.

Facebook’s stocks are currently being reported to not be decreasing anytime soon and is projected to even increase in December.  December’s shares are projected to increase to at least $30 per share which will only add to Zuckerberg’s $14 billion net worth.  For a company that many have begun to exclude and smelled decline, they’ve been doing well.

(via mashable)