Divided We Fall


durn. durn. durn. durn. durn. People be stupid sometimes.

I thought that the election’s end would bring about an end to the war. It seems that every election has gotten worse, and the country’s become divided. Republicans and Democrats belittle each other and argue about nothing these days. Political campaigns are geared more towards pointing out the other candidate’s faults while the truly important issues fall by the wayside.

Who is to blame? Politicians? Not entirely. We, the people, respond to this type of behavior; otherwise, they’d use different tactics to secure our votes. This vicious cycle does more and more damage every four years, and we can’t afford to ignore it any longer.

The U.S.A. is tearing itself apart. Several states are petitioning for secession. People are convinced that Obama will destroy this country, and in response, they work to tear it apart themselves. What sort of mentality is this? Are they truly fearful of what’s to become of this economy, or are they just sore losers? Some people think that racism has something to do with it. (The picture below, which supports the racism argument, shows the similarities between the results of the recent election and the way slavery worked in the U.S. before the Civil War.)

The reason doesn’t matter because the result is the same. United we stand, divided we fall. Why are we so divided?

Political ads and campaigns are primarily focused on casting a negative light on the opposition, when they should be dedicated to inform voters of the positive changes their candidate wants to make. Rather than being educated about each candidate’s unique political ideology, fairly and evenly, people are taught to despise the competition. Republicans and Democrats need to wake up and realize that their petty squabbling is the reason our government can’t get anything done.

If Romney would’ve won, I would’ve been disappointed. I would’ve embraced for the impact of whatever mistakes I assumed he’d make, but I would never have dreamed of turning my back on my country or my fellow Americans. It’s hard believe that people are reacting so poorly to results of this election. People are panicked without good reason, and they are frantically taking drastic measures because they believe the world is coming to an end–much like in the story of “Chicken Little.”

Everyone needs to calm down. Secession is NOT the way to get this country, or any one of these respective states, back on track. We need to set our differences aside and learn how to work together, for a change. It’s not too late.

Not yet.