A Certain Viral Video May Give Children in Kenya A New Way of Hope Through Media.

Many people in our world today don’t have much of an idea of how stoutly dark reality can be for a certain group of children in Kenya. Posted below, you will see a video link that demonstrates how media can be used as a tool of hope, encouragement, and positive reversal. A group of young, precious souls is featured in the previously mentioned video. They are orphans who’s parents have died from AIDS, and who are now under the protection and provision of Grace Care, an orphanage located in Kenya.

Many of these children have been slated to die, or more mildly, to not have a very promising future ahead of them. They’re living in a country where deadly sexually-transmitted diseases run rampant, and the current state of matters seem to be hardly improving. Videos such as this affect media positively, because it awakens people to the fact that media can be utilized to save lives, and literally so. This video will help some children to find good homes with wonderful families to love and care for them as they grow up. In my opinion, a new development in media is taking place and taking full form like never before. The development, foreshadowed earlier, is that media is being used to change culture and improve lives on a global scale. Enjoy the video, and allow yourself to be inspired and take action.


Ty Johnson