Cracking Down on Covers

Apparently lately Facebook has removed some peoples cover pictures on their profile page. The reason for this, according GMA News online,”The exact reason why Facebook removed each cover is a mystery, since the user is not informed, except by the glaring empty space where the photo used to be,”. What the message says makes it sound like they remove them only when they ‘feel’ they are being used for promotional use, this is what pops when your cover photo is taken down;    carlos celdran cover photo message.  Basically it seems that if your photo has any promotional adds or promotional related content, or if it violates copyrights, it finds it not appropriate as a cover. However it does not even need to have adds in the picture, according to a post about this on Mashable, it happened to someone who was using a picture of Dr. Who from the BBC show, as his cover. Maybe because it was a promotional shot the show used for their advertising? who know. This makes you wonder, can they do this to pages that are for buisinesses? Could they remove Targets cover photo because it is advertising a holiday special? its enitrely possible I would think. Careful what you upload, we don’t have as much control over our profile pages as we might like to think.