Don’t Mess with Apple

Back in August, Apple claimed that Samsung had infringed on the patent on the iPhone with their Samsung Galaxy line of phones.  The ruling was that Samsung has willfully infringed on the Apple patent and trade dress for the iPhone, but found in favor of the questions regarding Samsung’s tablet. Essentially they decided that Samsung owed Apple $1.05 billion dollars in damages for willful infringement. However this battle of the intellects is not quite over yet. Just this month they are back in court. The judge talked to the representatives of each side asking if they could find come to a compromise, but Apple refuses to back down until Samsung, according to Mashable, “changed its ways”.  And Samsung says that Apple is only “Trying to get in the courtroom what they couldn’t in the marketplace”. This battle of intellectual property does not seem like it will come to a close anytime soon. Hopefully Samsung has learned its lesson; when it comes to Apple, it’s like the saying, “Mess with the bull, you’re going to get the horns”.  


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