Facebook. Always trying to improve.

Facebook, in their attempt to improve everything has come up with a few new features that may prove to be handy. They have made a new feature in regards to creating events. Now if you have made, hosted, or went to an event at some point in the past, you can go back to that event and replicate it for a new event. It copies all the details and places them into the new event, plus inviting all the people that were invited the first time. They decided to add this feature to make it easier to create weekly events, so users do not have to create the event from scratch each time. Another new feature is the addition of a page feed and like pages feed. These latter two are not very useful and, in my opinion, are somewhat annoying. They show up on the side bare underneath your profile picture, and unlike other groups, or feeds, these cannot be removed.  They cause you to get a little notification in the sidebar, which I find annoying and have found that even when clicked on, the little number that lets you know there’s a new post in that feed, will not go away. A lot of the little changes FaceBook is making are useful and improve it, but some, are merely annoying.