Facebook Democracy. Vote to be able to Vote.

Facebook has decided to have users vote on whether they think we should be able to vote on future policy changes. Users have until Dec. 10 to vote on whether  they should have the future right to vote.  For  a Facebook vote to pass the proposed change must get more than 30% of the voted form current and active users. Basically 300 million users would have to vote in favor of being able to vote , or else we will no longer have any say in future changes in Facebook.  Apparently, according to theguardian.com , the reason they decided to put it to a vote is because participation has been low.  They have used voting among the users for several years, and it takes 7,000 comments on a policy before it can be put to a vote. Hopefully 300 million users will vote in favor, I’m sure most of us would still like to have a say in changes. So If you want to be one of the 300 million voices , go to  Facebook’s  government page. Vote, to Vote.