New Bank of America App

A new app by Bank of America was released and allows you to see what you look like when you become older. Or rather, a decently put together arrangement of what you MAY look like. Having just used it, it doesn’t exactly bode well in terms of reality and technicality, being that all it really does is droop your cheek bones and add wrinkles to your forehead. But hey, that’s part of what actually happens so it gets some credit. However, it still aims and hits one of the goals of making us aware that we will in fact grow old at some point, so we should realize that reality. The app gives you glimpses of your physicality at ages 47,57,67,77, 87… to 107. The financial goal of this app from BofA is to initially get you to form or consider a retirement-plan as early as possible

The link to the details:

The link to the app:

– Alexxander Dennis