The OCDock by Apple is a new device meant to make the ease of your iMac and iPhone functionality and switching between the two even easier. The OCDock is essentially a “dock” for your phone which is placed down at the base of your desktop. An extrememly thin cord goes under the base and to the back almost invisibly, as to seem wireless. The color scheme of the dock blends perfectly with your Apple iMac or Thunderbolt display and is very simple, and sleek – as Apple is known for. With your iPhone directly in front of you and docked in front of your computer, access to it and your computer simultaneously is very smooth and simple. As stated on the Mashable.com post, “Kickstarter backers who pledge $55 are promised an OCDock in January. The device will later retail to the general public for $79.”

A video and the description can be found in the following link:


– Alexxander Dennis