O’Hara Quits Twitter.

An Irish Football player, Jamie O’Hara, posts to his Twitter about his stresses with his enormous payroll of $56,000 per week.  With around – before the deletion of the account – 175,000 followers, his ridiculous posts sparked a hail storm of trolls and disgruntled fans upon him.

With posts like, “Things were so much easier when I earned 100pound a week on wts #stress,” “Why do people think cos I earn good money I don’t have bills to pay we all pay tax an we have mortgages to pay, some people are deluded,” and  “I wonder how many people are doing hospital visits this Xmas or giving clothing to the homeless this winter, or setting up a charity to raise money for hospitals,” it’s no wonder O’Hara was booed off of his own Twitter account. Though not done with social media, O’Hara still claims to start a private Facebook account for “genuine fans.”


– Alexxander Dennis