Social Media Giving T.V. and Film a Hand

It is becoming increasingly apparent how vital social media is to the television and film industry. Mashable shares with us that a current challenge content producers for the two previously-mentioned industries face, is maintaining high and healthy ratings, which is intimately tied into the amount of audience attention. Social Media is the platform and frontier that the majority of the earth’s population is now converging on. With this being said, if productions of both of these industries are suffering from poor ratings representative of the lack of audiences tuning into the programs and cinema-stories, it is probably because ample marketing and sharing did not take place on the social platforms of today. When it comes to one being of much influence Facebook is at the forefront of helping maintain the life necessary for these two prominent industries to survive. The Social Network is helping bring the very word “social” to a powerful level that is both innovative and potentially unforeseen by many, including myself. New Media is gradually taking on a more stout form that is going to be very hard to gauge in the coming times.

Ty Johnson