Spam Pins on Pinterest. No, not Pictures of Canned Meat.

Pinterest is fast becoming the most visited website to find recipes, craft ideas and just procrastinate on what we are really suppose to be getting done.  Lately however there has been an increase in spam accounts. In response to this problem Pinterest has formed a spam team dedicated to find and prevent spam account. According to an interview conducted with the head of the Pinterest engineering team, Jon Jenkins, he stated “One of our main goals is to focus on the authenticity, and this will allow us to better do so”. The way Pinterest works is when you click on a picture on a board it takes you back to the image address, but what is happening with spam is it would take you to a site selling something. To help solve this and establish authenticity they use a algorithm. In laymen terms, according to Jon Jenkins, it works like this; “each account is given a score, let’s say between 1 and 100, and the site disables those with higher numbers. For accounts in the medium-score range, Pinterest still gives them the same rights and privileges as non-offenders but suppress their search rankings, so those pins don’t show up high in search”. It basically was made to make sure pins are what they are supposed to be. Pinterest is ever growing, and I mean hey, it’s a great way to avoid doing homework huh?