Star Wars Stirs From It’s Rest

On, and through their interviews with E! Online and The Hollywood Reporter, it has been shared with the public that Star Wars has been resurrected on the silver screen. This storied franchise has been a constant presence in the lives of many throughout the past roughly 30 years. It made hearts soar when it was in full-cinematic operation, and it caused hearts to sink when the last line of credits faded off-screen at the conclusion of Episode 3 in 2005, because at the time, the public didn’t know when the next Lucasfilm adventure would be.

With the original-story based episode 7 due out in 2015, those involved with this franchise, have an opportunity to take this franchise’s vitality to a whole other level. It bears great significance on media, because it could possibly be a part of changing and improving the face of cinema altogether if it’s done right. The reasoning as to why I say this is because Star Wars has a such a long and rich history with movie-goers and cinema-lovers worldwide. With this franchise resurfacing and how rapidly technology is advancing nowadays, one can only dream and guess how hopefully-wonderful this can be.

Ty Johnson