Travolta and Newton-John……..relevant again?

A new video featuring the stars of Grease, John Travolta and Olivia Newton John, appeared on Youtube. The video is called I Think You Might Like It. Well, their thought was wrong!

First off plastic surgery has definitely not favored either one of them. Second of all the song is ANNOYING. I just remember a shopping mall, random children, and them trying to sound like they can hold a note effectively. Apparently, upon research, I found that this video was shot as a joke in one single day. If it were a serious video……….OOHWEE!  I guess if anybody is a fan of Grease they would enjoy the video. It has definitely gotten views quickly. As of now it has 2.4 million views in just two days.

If anything, this will be a quick buck for them both.This seems to be a way to hype their Christmas album (which I predict will be an epic fail).  I have not thought of either of these two in years. Maybe I’m harsh, but watching this video made me feel as if I needed those three minutes back. Grease is over three decades old……….and the two stars have shown that age. They should leave it be.