Twitter Reduces Character Count.

Twitter known to be a place where you can publish mini-blogs no longer than 140 characters. As if this wasn’t short enough Twitter will now be reducing it to as low as 117. Now before you throw your phone at the wall and say how much you hate Twitter. There is some terms that make your tweets get reduced and not all of them will be reduced. Only the tweets with links will be reduced to either 118 or 117 characters. If your tweet has a URL it will be reduced to 118 and if you have an HTTP link it will be reduced to 117. This is 2 characters less than available now.

This may not seem like a  lot but I know i find myself in some instances where I need just 1 or 2 characters. Sometimes some grammer crimes have to be made or spellings have to be altered. So it is lame that now I have even less characters to work with when there is already a hard time to use the limited 120 character count with a link. Well its time to start preparing because this goes into effect Feb. 20, 2013.