YouTube Remastered

Only a year after it’s last upgrade, YouTube is going in for another nip and tuck session. Some new features for users to expect are a subtle subscription button that is meant to help you detect what shows you might like to subscribe to. Concerning this particular element, it keeps record of your browsing history, and suggests to you what shows you may want to watch- Sounds pretty close to being just short of being a satellite television provider similar Comcast. Also, you can anticipate the video title to be at the bottom of the screen as opposed to the top so that there isn’t much distraction from the video one is viewing. I say that this holds a great amount of relevance to New Media, because such media that a great number of us are accustomed to receiving via television (satellite in particular), are possibly about to start receiving this media, or perhaps entertainment more specifically, only through their desktop computers, laptops, and smartphones. Traditional television is becoming more and more overshadowed by the new media occurrence that is manifested in providers such as what YouTube is moving towards, Netflix, and Hulu Plus. Say “goodbye” to programmed television and “hello” to only internet provision of all of your favorite shows.

Ty Johnson