Robot Bartenders

Looks like flight attendants have a little bit of competition now. Airlines are now going to start using robotic drink servers/bartenders known as Skytenders. These new inventions are meant to speed up the process of drinks being opened, poured and given to the parched flightee.

“Mounted onto the same kind of trolley flight attendants use today, the Skytender works like a soft drink dispenser at a fast-food joint. It can mix up 15 different drinks, and the system lets airlines choose more than 100 different beverages or flavors to offer passengers, including hot and cold drinks — even wine.”

“If you’ve noticed how many drink cans and bottles must be opened by flight attendants during a routine beverage service, you’ll understand why this device will be so welcome. Instead of all that fumbling around with containers, a flight attendant’s simple button push makes the chosen drink begin to flow.”