Have you tried “puffin”???

Have you tried the new app “Puffin”? This is the new Apple iPhone app that will let your phone bypass the Safari web browser and all Apple mobile devices code of not allowing Flash videos or software to be utilized on the devices.

For a long time before the late Steven Jobs passed he was hassled about the need for iPhone users to switch over to flash, seeing as this is what majority of the internet videos are under, but Jobs refused. Jobs believed  that all things would soon move towards HTML, and this is the reasoning why most videos have come up with an alternative.

The app available for $3, has been proven to slow down data usage compared to Safari along with making more things accessible. The app now lets users access games, videos, and anything else running with Javascript. The app has just been recently released so it is still in its hiccup phase, seeing as some of the games will not completely play correctly or even load all the way. But with the fact that these iPhone users will be able to watch streaming live tv smoothly, I do not believe most of them will argue with that. But given the fact that there is a $3 price tag, majority of the users will find a way to not buy the app.