Help for the deaf

Spark Devices, a new company, has created a brilliant new wifi enabled device for the deaf. The device is nothing new to the world, except for the fact this time it is wifi enabled and able to be controlled by apps. The device will hook up to a wifi connection whether in your home or around your home, as long as its available and will flicker your lights. The lights are able to be dimmed when you leave home or are away for a few days, whatever you like it is all at your discretion.

The good thing about this phone device is that it will still work whether or not the Internet connection goes down due to storms or whatever the case may be. The device is still in its final planning stages and should be completely available by this upcoming summer 2013, but it has a competitor which has the shame exact idea but being sold for around $30. The light bulbs are said to last you about 25 years, but with the way fuses and lightbulbs pop, im sure that number will be lowered from demographic to demographic. The company will be releasing this apps through Apple App Store and Android App Store.