Momentum Machines Aims To Make First “Smart Restaurant” Chain

You read that right: a smart restaurant chain. To be more specific, the smart hamburger restaurant will only consist of robot chefs, replacing the typical human employees doing all of the handiwork. Not only does Momentum Machines, the company behind this revolutionary idea, boast about the fact that the robot chefs can perform better than what human chefs can do, but the robots will apparently be able to offer more cooking options than human chefs as well.

Momentum Machines promises to not only automate the entire dining process, but to also offer more food options that current restaurants do not provide currently. The robots will cook hamburger patties, and customize a customer’s burger made exactly from the order, such as custom topping slices and the way its assembled. Not only that, but the kitchen in the hamburger place will take up only 24 square feet, maximizing seating areas. To top it off, the restaurant will push out 360 hamburgers an hour.

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