New York City lights!

The Empire State Building recently had its first ever LED synced light show, to Alicia Keys. The new LED lights have a capability of 16.7 million lights and they decided to keep it a secret until they could determine that the show would be a success. The light show also comes up on the fact that the 81 year old building is undergoing a renovation of almost half a billion, yes billion, dollars to bring it back to life along with making it more “Eco-friendly”.

The building, which has its own zip code, let Keys flip the switch the start the lights. The lights were in sync with her song “Girl on Fire” then they parted into “Empire State of Mind II” after each other. The Empire State of Mind II is a song that speaks on the possibilities on living in New York City and the “concrete jungle where dreams are made of” and that there is “nothing you can’t do”. This technology added to the building is only one of a few, it is said that there is also LED lights being added to the new World Trade Center also. Only time will tell if there are any other celebrities who will get the honor of having a building so well known as the Empire State Building, to dedicate a light show to them!