See ya iPhone Maps creator!…

Apple recently revealed they have fired the creator of the highly publicized iPhone Maps. The Maps app was supposed to triumph over the old Google Maps, which exclusive an exclusive contract with, but it has failed to do just that.

The new head honcho is Eddie Cue who is looking to fix the problem created by Williamson. Cue is currently working with mapping technology companies such as TomTom and Garmin to work out a possible solution or collaboration to fix this disaster.

The system has been given users different directions that what have been promised, giving them longer routes than routes they know are shorter. Basically all in all the maps system has been a complete fail, minus from the fact that Siri speaks to users.

Apple CEO Tm Cook sent a letter a few weeks ago apologizing for what they believed to be a changer in the technology world, but actually turned out to be a dud. It was said that once Cook finished this letter saying they were in error for lack of better words, Williamson refused to sign the letter. Which also could tie into his timely departure from the company. Apple is trying to sort out the mess and hopefully fix it by the beginning of the year.