Cheaper iPhone to be built? CrApple iPhone?? Hah!

Though everyone already seems to have an Apple iPhone, millions of Americans still, for whatever reason, do not own an iPhone or any iProduct. Apple allegedly has interest in developing a new iPhone made of a plastic shell instead of the forged aluminum currently being used for models to help reduce the cost of manufacturing, and thus reducing the price for consumers looking to spend less on their smartphone technology. Retailers like Walmart that carry exclusive low-end smartphone products may have new competition. With Apple’s increasing popularity, it’s no surprise to see them adapt to the “budget-conscious” buyers. The new iPhone is reported having a polycarbonate encasing and a handful less features. However, it is reported that this version of the iPhone will retail between $99.99 to $149.99 (likely depending on hard drive space). It is being said that this new iPhone will be constructed using gorilla glass and have a ready-to-use sim slot like the current iPhone 5. Its design is to be similar to the iPhone 5 with design features that slightly resemble the iPod Classic. Will this affect the smartphone market? Will an influx of consumers leap at the chance for a cheaper yet current version of the iPhone? The future will tell.