Blackberry Madness!!!

blackberry10-devSupposedly the newest Blackberry, known in society as the amazing “Blackberry 10” is suppose to be the best one that RIM, the company owner of blackberry, has come out with yet. People are weary of the new blackberry due to the the phone’s older models blocking access to emails and other messages. Jim Balsillie, the co-chief executive of Blackberry states that will not be an issue this time around.

Mr.Balsillie states that even though Blackberry was going through a cyber depression, that customers will be rewarded this time around with the use of BlackBerry 10. Hopefully he is truthful in what he says or else there could be a big issue when it comes to customer satisfaction. The Blackberry 10 is supposedly the model phone that will have no faults that the older models did have. Mr.Balsillie thinks that the new release of Blackberry 10 will put the RIM company along with the Waterloo, Ont. company back into good business. Mr.Balsillie states,“This is what we do and it’s a couple-year exercise and it’s hard to do… but you have to chart a direction and you have to stick to it and let the results speak for themselves.”

For the sake of the Blackberry World let’s hope the Blackberry 10 does meet all expectations.