“I Spy”

The Chinese are spying on our media!  Popular news magazine’s and other media magazines have announced that they have been infiltrated by Chinese hackers.  On Thursday, The Wall Street Journal announced that they had been hacked by Chinese hackers.  The FBI said that this is a national security concern.  Now doesn’t this say something about the news that is reported in our nation today. I feel like the Chinese are not the first to hack popular media companies like The Wall Street Journal, but because this makes The Wall Street Journal look like a victim they will surly report the hell out of it.  If some lone hacker from any other country were to hack The Wall Street Journal I feel like they would keep it hush hush from the embarrassment, but because China is suppose to have this crazy high tech stereotype it makes them that much more threatening but also interesting.  It seems that The Wall Street Journal will try and use this attack to their advantage and blow this “hacking” out of proportions.  “If it bleeds it reads” and The Wall Street Journal is considering themselves to be bleeding out.

Carson A. Jones

Survey New Media 2500

Source Link: <http://mashable.com/2013/01/31/wall-street-journal-china-hackers/&gt;